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Raising the standards of clinical care

Patrick Axon

Patrick Axon – President

Aims of the BSBS

The aims of the BSBS are to raise the standards of clinical care in the field of skull base medicine by:

  • Supporting the co-ordinated provision of multidisciplinary skull base services in the UK
  • Providing a forum for discussion of the management of skull base pathology
  • Promoting first class evidence based clinical care
  • Encouraging collaborative clinical and basic science research 
  • Encouraging education and training in skull base medicine

We also act as a professional advisory body to other groups including government agencies including NHS England.

The society is a non-profit organization and all the funds of the society are used for the purpose of realising the aims outlined above.

History of BSBS


The British Skull Base Society was founded in November 1992 by a multidisciplinary group of clinicians working in the field of skull base surgery including otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons and neurosurgeons. Founder members included Professor Michael Gleeson, Professor Anthony Cheeseman, Mr David Uttley, Miss Anne Moore and Mr Danny Archer.

It’s inaugural meeting was held in 1993 as part of the European Skull Base Society meeting in Riva del Garda.

Past Presidents of the society include:

  • Mr David Uttley, Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Mr Danny Archer, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Professor Richard Ramsden, Consultant Otolaryngologogist
  • Mr Carl Hardwidge, Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Mr David Moffat, Consultant Otolaryngologist
  • Professor Andrew King, Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Professor Shakeel Saeed, Consultant Otolaryngologist
  • Mr Nick Thomas, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Previous BSBS meetings have been hosted by:

  • 1992 Royal Marsden, London
  • 1993 Lake Garda, Italy (part of ESBS)
  • 1995 Paris, France (part of ESBS)
  • 1997 London
  • 1998 Nottingham
  • 1999 Nottingham
  • 2001 Copenhagen (part of ESBS)
  • 2002 National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
  • 2003 Southmead Hospital, Bristol
  • 2004 Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester
  • 2005 Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton
  • 2006 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
  • 2007 Prague (part of ESBS)
  • 2008 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
  • 2009 Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • 2010 Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • 2011 Southampton General Hospital, Southampton
  • 2012 Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham
  • 2013 Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds
  • 2014 National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
  • 2015 Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
  • 2016 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
  • 2017 University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • 2018 The Walton Centre, Liverpool

The BSBS Council

The council is made up of professional Otolaryngologists, Neurosurgeons and Skull Base Nurse Practitioners who work on behalf of the British Skull Base Society.

Patrick Axon


Patrick Axon MD FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon
Cambridge University Hospitals

Scott Rutherford


Scott Rutherford FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
Salford Royal Hospital

Iain Robertson


Iain Robertson FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

Nick Thomas

Past President

Nick Thomas FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
King’s College Hospital, London

Shahzada Ahmed


Shahzada Ahmed PhD FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon
University Hospitals, Birmingham

Rupert Obholzer


Rupert Obholzer MA FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon
Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital, London

Juliette Gair


Juliette Gair BA RN HEDip MSc

Skull Base and NF2 Nurse Practitioner
Cambridge University Hospitals

Alessandro Paluzzi


Alessandro Paluzzi BMSc FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
University Hospitals Birmingham

Nick Phillips


Nick Phillips PhD FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
Leeds General Infirmary

Rory McConn-Walsh


Rory McConn-Walsh MA MD FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Simon Lloyd


Simon Lloyd BSc MPhil FRCS

Consultant ENT and Skull Base surgeon
Salford Royal Hospitals

Andrea Wadeson


Andrea Wadeson BSc

Skull Base Nurse Practitioner
Salford Royal Hospitals

Caroline Hayhurst


Caroline Hayhurst FRCS

Consultant Neurosurgeon
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff